English resume about our the work and purpose of Foundation Bakasso

The Bakasso Foundation is founded in August 2019. In 2015 me and my Guinean husband bought a large piece of land near Kolissohko in Guinea (West Africa). In this remote area there was and still is no medical facility. The nearest hospital is 70km away. At first we wanted to realise a maternity hospital to reduce the infant and maternal mortality. However, to be able to help everyone, we decided that it had to become a general hospital. Using own financial resources, so far a hospital building and four nursing facilities were built. In cooperation with the local NGO, Groupement Bakasso Douma (GBD), we strive to tackle several issues at the same time to safeguard both the self-reliance of the residents and that of the hospital for the future. Work is being done on accessible healthcare in particular for pregnant women and children and poverty alleviation by creating jobs for the Guineans thereby increasing the self-reliance of the community. In addition, they focus on accessible education for the children at an acceptable distance, to be followed by vocational training.

In Guinea, sadly three out of ten deliveries are still fatal to either the mother, the baby or both. Just last week my Guinean partner was able to save the life of a pregnant woman and her baby only by arranging transport and giving them €50 to pay for the hospital. This is just one example of how relatively easy it is to prevent infant and maternal mortality and the Bakasso Foundation is fully committed to that.

José Schraauwers, founder and CEO

Stichting (Foundation) Bakasso